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    The new exciting lottery game will be available for sale at all retail outlets beginning the day of the launch and will be played three times per week. Launching the new game, Editec Chief Kerry Dunkley said the new game is here in the country to put money in the pocket of lottery customers.

    He said draws will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 pm at the Siaka Steven Street office of the lottery company, as well as shown on several television stations.

    mercury lotto

    Since it was first launched inMercury International has been a leisure outlet for people across Sierra Leone and provides employment for over people. Mercury pride itself in giving back to the community through the Mercury International Charitable Foundation. Michael added. He said wining mercury guarantees immediate payment, but warned retailers not to sell mercury products to children below eighteen years.

    Marketing Manager Olubumi Kamara launched the new product video. He said the marketing team had already trained retailers within the Freetown municipality and provincial areas on how to operate the new game. He called on customers to take advantage of the game as it could earned them more money and opportunities. Stay Connected Socialize Facebook. About us. Media Gallery.AP — Pennsylvania has managed to avoid the worst of the pandemic and it's now time to start talking about a gradual reopenin….

    Around the world, people are stuck at home whether on recommendation or following regulation…. See All. It is easy for …. Toggle navigation. Lifestyle Fit For Life. Photo Galleries Videos. Classifieds Jobs Public Notices. Hot Topics:. Pottstown Police: Woman fatally stabs boyfriend inside apartment.

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    Support more reporting like this with a subscription to the Pottstown Mercury. Wolf offers 'framework,' no timeline for reopening state.

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    April 17 Update: Pennsylvania up to 29, positive coronavirus cases after increase of 1, overnight. Boyertown man fatally stabbed girlfriend in the neck, police say.

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    Pottstown's online tax payment system strained by overuse. Work on new Swamp Pike traffic circle begins Monday in Limerick. Latest Headlines. Montgomery County reports 12 more coronavirus deaths; new cases. Congregations gather online for weekly worship services. Saturday Update: Pennsylvania up to 31, positive coronavirus cases after increase of 1, Updated 5 hrs ago. Working parents in Berks County often juggling responsibilities with schools closed. Get the latest news delivered daily!

    Follow Us. Most Popular. Boyertown man fatally stabbed girlfriend in the neck, police say Pottstown man accused of killing wife by strangulation, act of domestic violence Workers 'terrified' at Limerick nuclear plant amid coronavirus Google tracking shows region's mobility dropped more than rest of Pennsylvania Pottstown Police return fire, fatally shooting man inside W.Saturday 18th April Edition 89 Last Chance.

    Edition Mercury Daily Special. Edition 89 Big Bomp. Edition 89 Radio Mercury. Edition 89 Chaka Bula. Friday Results - 17th April Edition 89 International. Edition 89 Ace. Edition 89 Mad Max. Edition 89 Mano. Thursday Results - 16th April Edition 89 Golden. Edition 89 Mercury Bomber. Edition 89 Kakua Mid Day.

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    Edition 89 Sewa. Wednesday Results - 15th April Edition 89 Jackpot. Edition 89 Hollywood Dreams. Edition 89 Nongowa. Edition 89 Kangari. Tuesday Results - 14th April Edition 88 Nation. Edition 88 Peninsular.


    Edition 88 Bombali Special. Edition 88 Cotton Tree. Monday Results 13th April Edition 89 Lucky. Edition 89 Bai Bureh. Edition 89 Early Eye.

    mercury lotto

    Edition 89 First Chance. Sunday Results - 12th April Edition 88 Sunday Special. Edition 88 Super Sunday. Saturday Results - 11th April Photo by Frederic J. People line up to buy lottery tickets outside of a liquor story Tuesday, Oct. A customer carries her lottery tickets as she exits a convenience store in Lower Manhattan, October 23, in New York City. A man shows his just purchased lottery tickets from the Blue Bird Liquor store in Hawthorne, California on October 23, ahead of the drawing tonight for the Mega Millions jackpot, now reaching USD 1.

    People wait in line to purchase lottery tickets at the Blue Bird Liquor store in Hawthorne, California on October 23, ahead of the drawing tonight for the Mega Millions jackpot, now reaching USD 1. Women make their picks as people wait in a long line to purchase lottery tickets from the Blue Bird Liquor store in Hawthorne, California on October 23, ahead of the drawing tonight for the Mega Millions jackpot, now reaching USD 1.

    People wait in a long line to purchase lottery tickets outside the Blue Bird Liquor store in Hawthorne, California on October 23, ahead of the drawing tonight for the Mega Millions jackpot, now reaching USD 1. Full results were still pending as of p. The prize amounts for those tickets were not immediately available. The jackpot is the biggest in world history.

    450 Lotto Results

    The odds of winning the grand prize were one in Typically, one clerk would be on duty, but owner Kewal Sachdev put two more and himself behind the counter to handle the demand. Rodriguez said if he managed to pick the winning combination, he would donate some of the money to homeless causes.

    I would buy my son a house. But I just hope somebody gets it. Richard said he would share the windfall with his three grown children, move out of California and do some traveling.

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    Luis Chavez, 54, of San Jose, only really started playing the lottery in the past three weeks, as the jackpot soared into record territory. Show Caption. By Jason Green jason. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us.

    More in California News.

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    The list is limited to nursing homes. Gavin Newsom touted California's leading role in combating coronavirus during an online conversation with former Pres.This article is about astrology, charts, horoscopes and winning the lottery.

    How did the charts of winners show that they would win millions one day? Let us see. Recently I added an example of not being happy in spite of winning, on Astropost.

    Welcome to the Pennsylvania Lottery!

    One of the most desired things in the world is: to win the lottery. And one of the most searched and read posts on Astropost is about astrology and winning the lottery, perhaps because people hope to find out how their sunsign might win millions or what their lucky number is. This is a study of the charts of winners in the lottery.

    Are they lucky birds? No, not all of them are. For example: Abraham Shakespeare born April 23, who was found murdered, by his girl friend for the money ater winning the lottery an amount of 31 million dollar.

    Read the story on Polk Sheriff…. There is no indication for a lucky! And an Englishman ended with all the millions spent and …in jail, but at least he enjoyed the money too much, with Venus inconjunct Jupiter. It never works the other way around! Did you ever win the lottery?

    I did not. But I happen to know the charts of 2 lucky birds and the day of birth of another one. So now I can see if there is any chance at all and make a decision about buying tickets or not. However, 3 is not a crowd: And the 3 winner all won many millions. That, maybe, leaves the hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros and pounds for the owners of the less fortunate charts.

    With a ticket in the lottery people buy a moment of hope for more, without having to work hard, be a criminal or having a great talent. What is luck? I think that it is reflected by Jupiter-Uranus. All three of them have Jupiter-Uranus as the reflection of winning the lottery.

    Those are — in general — lucky combinations for successful decisions.Google Maps. Kewal Sachev, second from right, and his family during a lottery press conference outside Ernie's Liquors in San Jose, Calif. The mystery winner has still not come forward. They all work for a Wells Fargo branch in San Jose.

    The size of the prize that each member takes home is truly life-changing. The seven claimed it was part of a regular group-purchase arrangement. Ina New Jersey construction worker was sued by six colleagues, with whom he regularly pooled cash and bought lottery tickets.

    Mercury International Online Betting

    But preventing such conflicts is fairly straightforward, said Kurland, who is based in Long Island. Whoever buys a ticket for the group should email the ticket number or a photocopy of the ticket to the entire group, along with text specifying the draw date and stating that those receiving the email are the members of the pool. The email also should include how the winnings are to be divided, Kurland said.

    Jackpot drawings started on May 8. Sachdev is waiting for his own million-dollar check to arrive in the mail, his reward for selling the ticket, and he offered some words of advice for the 11 winners. Show Caption. By Anna-Sofia Lesiv alesiv bayareanewsgroup. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in California News. The list is limited to nursing homes. Gavin Newsom touted California's leading role in combating coronavirus during an online conversation with former Pres.

    Bill Clinton. Watch live as Gov. Gavin Newsom gives an update on California's coronavirus response. Sheriff John McMahon and District Attorney Jason Anderson say the coronavirus-inspired rule puts the community at risk from freed inmates.

    Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.See if the numbers you picked have ever been winning Lottery numbers! Evening Drawings are available for replay approx. Participate in the U. Census to shape your future in PA.

    Learn more at PA. Be the first to know about all the new things the Pennsylvania Lottery has to offer! The proceeds of the Pennsylvania Lottery are used all around Pennsylvania to support programs for older Pennsylvanians.

    The Pennsylvania Lottery benefits older Pennsylvanians. Every day. However, standard text messages and data rates from your carrier may apply. Subscription does not require you to play PA Lottery. Pennsylvania Lottery Benefits Older Pennsylvanians.

    Every Day. Please Play Responsibly.

    mercury lotto

    Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning numbers, prize payouts and other information posted on the Pennsylvania Lottery's website.

    The official winning numbers are those selected in the respective drawings and recorded under the observation of an independent accounting firm. In the event of a discrepancy, the official drawing results shall prevail. Buy Now. Past Winning Numbers View past winning numbers from any game!

    Evening Drawing. Day Drawing. Cash4Life Drawing.


    Mercury lotto

    In the late fifteen century,lottery was first introduced in France and miserably failed because people at that time could not afford the high price of tickets. It is only after the nineteenth century,lottery became a hot topic among people and palmistry as well.

    Lottery is equivalent to sudden wealth; cryptocurrency,stocks and gambling are also the part of the same ecosystem. The man on the right hand side:his name is Stefan Mandel who won lottery 14 times by making use of mathematics and discerning the algorithm of lottery. History and statistics have shown that most of the lottery winners end up being losers because of mismanagement of money and high divorce rates which speaks volumes about the fact that how relationships are fragile as soon as the money gets involved.

    Look at the triangle formed in between the head line and the life line. It is distinct,clear without any defects.

    On the non dominant hand,sun line has emerged from the fate line. It is slightly wavy in its beginning. If the sun line starts from the fate line on the dominant hand,it is clear and goes straight to the well developed mount of sun promises luck and unexpected gains like winning a jackpot.

    If the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger and the head line is deep and clear without any defects reflects the calculative risk taking abilities of the person and he or she might end up being in the right place at the right time.

    mercury lotto

    Point to note:The sun mount should be well developed to obtain the mentioned results. Lines going from the heart line to the sun mount along with the developed mount of moon and sun denotes sudden acquisition of wealth and lottery success.

    Line from the head line going to the Apollo mount represents similar kind of success. I have seen this marking on the hands of a person who made a fortune by buying and selling stocks. The head line was thin,deep and clear on the square hands without any defects which suggests the person is intellectual and has got good decision making abilities.

    If you are overwhelmed with anything positive or negative ,it is the good head line that comes to the rescue. If the intuition line is present on the hands and a star gets formed on the mount of Sun is a brilliant combination to win a lottery. In addition,if lines from the intuition lines are getting attracted towards the sun mount is a guaranteed sign of sudden wealth or success.

    Watch the video on Lucky Lottery Winner who won 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Luck or Mathematics. It can be won through sheer luck or making use of statistics. Lottery Triangle in Palmistry.

    Mercury Lottery Drawing Machine for Lotto sport

    Sun line from fate line. Sudden Wealth in palmistry. Obviously,not everyone having such combination is going to win a lottery. You have to look at the gambling tendencies on the hands. A triangle on bracelet. Lines from Heart line to Sun mount. Intuition line palmistry. Intuition line Lottery Signs Lottery Triangle palmistry Star sign sudden wealth triangle on bracelet.

    Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members. Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this page also searched for:. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again. This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information.

    It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics.

    Mercury launches 4/50 lottery jackpot

    Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. What two sure number for mercury international sierra leone lotto winning numbers for this morning Thursday draw.

    Asked by: Irwin. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions.

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    What two sure numbers for mercury international sierra leone lotto winning L think you saw my number on the site, fine another one is ,all is 6 numbers yesterday midweek 2drop that is 50 - 19 it dro Add your answer.

    Anonymous Ghana Lotto Prediction for Today. Ghana Lotto Success. We only use Hot numbers to generate lucky numbers for you. Numbers are hot when they have been drawn very frequently in the last draws. The goal of all lottery strategies is the prediction of winning numbers that will hit in the next draw. Lottery players in most cases search for the most frequent or the least frequent numbers, then examine the latest winning numbers and their statistical properties trying to predict what is the most likely to happen in the next lotto draw.

    Here are three predictions for National Weekly game:. Here are three predictions for Monday Special game:. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.

    Play with strategy, knowing more about each number! We present 20 most popular numbers and the frequency they are drawn. Statistics generates from last draws:. These are information pages only and are not intended to encourage participation in lotteries. Two Sure:. Hot Numbers. Your Comment.Other triggers we expect brands to utilise in 2016 include a change in pollution levels. Also that means the money is now going to completely wrong pockets, arguably causing even more damage to the society.

    This is highly noticeable with video ads, where poorly managed optimization attempts are causing viewers to wait for several seconds and some times even more until the page fully loads or video content starts playing. I expect to see substantial improvement in 2016 as video-centric platforms gain better technologies to enhance yield and delivery optimization.

    Alternatively, its the year of the video-native-social mobile. To continue reading this article, please exit incognito mode or log in. Why we made this change Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month (without a subscription), and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read.

    We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited online access. But joking aside, futurism is a big and fascinating business. This story is part of our ongoing Insider Conversations series that allows Premium subscribers to be a part of the conversation as our editors talk with innovators and entrepreneurs.

    See the whole series here. If you are an Insider Premium subscriber, we'll send you an email announcing the next Insider Conversation.

    Keep an eye out and we hope you can join us. My positions have included deputy editor and executive editor of MIT Technology Review and technology editor for the Associated Press. Business Impact Business Impact Business Impact Business ImpactHow technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

    For decades computer scientists have created artificial life to test ideas about evolution. Doing so on a quantum computer could help capture the role quantum mechanics may have played.

    Welcome to the Pennsylvania Lottery!

    Subscribe now for unlimited access to online articles. Subscribe today Why we made this change Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month (without a subscription), and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read.

    See them all Insider Conversations How to Predict the Future Anyone can think like a futurist, according to Amy Webb, who does it for a living.

    mercury lotto

    Webb, the CEO of the Future Today Institute, explains her methods.We were connected to an agent within a couple of minutes and the representative answered our fairly detailed query within six minutes of it being asked. We then asked a follow up question, which was unrelated, and that was answered within three minutes.

    All the answers were simple to understand and the support agent always spoke in a polite way. The email support took around nine hours to respond to our initial email, then responded to our follow up email within a couple of hours.

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    The initial reply was not as simple as it could have been, hence having to send a follow up email to clear things up. Despite that, the agent answered our query, and after the second email made it very basic so anyone could understand. The Bet365 phone support failed to connect us with an agent within five minutes the first time we called. On the second attempt, we were connected within two minutes and the agent managed to answer our question fairly easily with little confusion.

    Our testing showed that calling during peak times may result in some wait times.

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    Bet365 is arguably the largest online bookmaker in the world, and the company's foray into esports means that esports bettors now have the option of betting at what is generally regarded as one of the safest, most advanced online sports books in the global market. Higher limits and bet variety for esports are the only two things we'd seek to change at bet365.

    Ready to start betting on eSports at bet365. Play now Mike is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications ranging from traditional games outlets such as PC Gamer, Pocket Gamer and God is a Geek, through to more mainstream brands such as Vice, Playboy, RedBull and The International Business Times. Bet365 is one of the top sportsbooks in the world with an excellent mobile app and a great selection of deposit options including PayPal.

    Overview Number of Acquisitions 1 CB Rank (Company) 51,604 Bet365 bet365 is an online gambling company that offers comprehensive in-play services for its clients. Overview Number of Acquisitions CB Rank (Company) Bet365 bet365 is an online gambling company that offers comprehensive in-play services for its clients. Categories Founded Date Operating Status Number of Employees Website Twitter Phone Number bet365 are one of the world's leading online gambling groups providing Sports Betting, Financials, Casino, Poker, Games and Bingo.

    We also share information about your usage of this website with our partners for social media, analysis and advertising. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Running on the Virtue Fusion network, there are fantastic rooms available which host a variety of games, such as 75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo. At bet365bingo players will find an extensive list of promotions, providing plenty of opportunities for them to win fantastic prizes and jackpots all year round.

    Lottery Signs And Sudden Wealth Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

    In addition, the bet365bingo mobile app acts as a perfect retention tool, allowing players to take part in the fun whilst on the move. This coupled with the competitive welcome package on offer, means that bet365bingo lays claim to some of the best conversion and retention rates aroundThere are over 250 games to choose from on Casino at bet365, ranging from classic table games to cutting-edge Slot Games including Age Of The Gods, King Of Olympus and White King.

    mercury lotto

    Players are given the choice to either download our Casino client or play on the site, accessing a range of Live Dealer games, Playtech Progressive Jackpots, table games and many more.

    There is a packed calendar of offers and events from Casino at bet365, giving players plenty of opportunities to play for bonuses and fantastic prizes. Key streaming highlights include top domestic and international Soccer matches, as well as action from the NHL, NBA, MLB and the best tournaments on the ATP and WTA tours.

    Games at bet365 boasts a sensational selection of more than 600 fantastic games from over 30 different software providers. There are plenty of terrific titles to choose from, including Top Cat, Book of Dead, Jungle Jim El Dorado and many more.

    Fans of Slots can also choose to visit Vegas which features over 300 releases from NetEnt, Elk, Thunderkick and Yggdrasil. Here they can enjoy popular titles such as Starburst, Vikings Go Wild and Poltava. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and the Vegas App, fast paced Vegas games can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

    Players can make the most of the fantastic New Player Bonus and play all of the latest games at Vegas at bet365. Bingo bet365bingo has long since established itself as one of the most popular Bingo sites around by having some of the best offers online. This coupled with the competitive welcome package on offer, means that bet365bingo lays claim to some of the best conversion and retention rates around Casino There are over 250 games to choose from on Casino at bet365, ranging from classic table games to cutting-edge Slot Games including Age Of The Gods, King Of Olympus and White King.

    The Mobile Casino product is the place to experience the thrill of the Casino on the go. Skill games Games at bet365 boasts a sensational selection of more than 600 fantastic games from over 30 different software providers. We are sponsoring or exhibiting at: Articles associated with this company Sports betting, affiliates, and the World Cup In this edition of our interview series with the award-winning bet365. Article by iGB Affiliate 5 Mobile Adwords Best Practices Mobiles are still surpassing the highest expectations and Google constantly.

    Article by Corey Padveen Sportsbooks Affiliates Need To Diversify Many UK sportsbook affiliates are too focused on football and a small number.Claude Puel is doing a good job wi. Popular Leagues Displayed - There are 106 predictions for today. So, to help you more easily and quickly view our most popular predictions you are currently viewing predictions for the most popular football leagues. Our popular leagues include all leagues from England, the top level leagues and competitions from around Europe (such as the Champions League, Europa League, Spain La Liga, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A), and the top level leagues from Argentina, Brazil, and the USA, and international games.

    If you wish to view ALL 106 of our predictions for today, which will include all the lower level leagues from around the world, you can still do so by clicking here. Given there are a lot of predictions, this full list of our predictions may load a little slower if you are using a slow internet connection or mobile device. Odds displayed on this page are correct at the time of publishing, however odds may change so please check the bookmaker website linked by these odds for up to date pricing.

    Click here to set your odds preferenceIs bet365 your preferred bookmaker. If the answer is yes, you don't have to surf PredictZ anymore while having a separate window open for bet365 to place your bets. If you wish to convert all 1X2 odds on this page so they link to automatically add your bets to your bet365 bet slip click here. Clicking any odds will conveniently add your bets directly to your bet slip.

    Try it out and then click any of the odds selections below to add to bet slip. League TwoScottish CupScottish League CupWal. DivisionCzech Gambrinus LigaCzech Druha LigaDenmark SuperligaDenmark 1st DivisionFinland VeikkausliigaFinland YkkonenFinland KakkonenGreece Football LeagueHungary Arany Aszok LigaIreland PremierIreland Division 1Luxembourg National DivisionMontenegro First LeagueMontenegro Second LeagueNorway TippeligaenNorway 1. DivisionPoland EkstraklasaPortugal SuperligaPortugal LigaProRomania Liga IRussia Premier LeagueRussia 1.

    DivisionSerbia Super LigaSerbia Prva LigaSlovenia Prva LigaSlovenia 2. Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. The IAB have already scheduled an industry event to debate programmatic transparency.

    With the promise of clearer and consistent standards, 2016 will welcome stricter thresholds in response to the increased prevalence of the digital ad fraud epidemic. As media consumption has become more addressable, marketers are increasingly looking for data that helps them understand viewer behaviour and the effectiveness of their TV advertising investments. As a result, marketers will not only be able to measure and optimise their TV buys at a more granular level, but also on a much faster cadence than allowed by traditional, survey based measurement methods.

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    However, while programmatic distribution has moved mountains for advertisers in one sense, ad creative has yet to evolve to achieve maximum impact on every device and screen.

    In 2016, dynamic creative production will come into play in a big way to complement programmatic distribution. By automating the production process, advertisers can ensure their content maximises its full potential across all devices, each and every time.

    Greater efforts will be made to ensure ads and formats provide an interesting UX that will genuinely engage users, rather than irritate them. We can expect to see advertising become more creative, tasteful, and (subtly) relevant as a result.

    We will also see greater numbers of publishers prompting their users to disable ad blocking in in order access free content. Think high-impact and higher-value. But this challenge will be overcome in 2016 and this will allow formats to finally evolve. When producing content and advertising for Discover, publishers need to create highly visual stories with short attention spans in mind. This trend will continue and grow in 2016 (and beyond), leading to significant changes in the presentation of mobile content and advertising.Or empty your berries into your own container before leaving the store and leave the plastic basket behind.

    If enough of us do this, perhaps merchants will take note.

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    Unfortunately, the milk bottle does contain an unrecyclable plastic cap. But I would rather buy milk in a glass bottle capped with plastic than milk contained in plastic on all sides. Going in on it with friends can make it more affordable. Check out my instructions for storing cheese without plastic. I agonized for a while over which brands of frozen meals used the best containers, but in the end there was just no sound alternative.

    They all use plastic. Even frozen food trays that seem to be made of cardboard are lined with plastic. Read more about plastic in chewing gum here. The key is bringing my own reusable bags and containers with me to the store.

    You can carry the same kind of cotton bags for bulk purchases as for produce (see above. Why shop from bulk bins and take new plastic bags.

    mercury lotto

    A question I am frequently asked is how to avoid paying for the additional weight of the container. Stores have various methods for deducting the container weight. At Whole Foods, for example, I take my containers to the customer service desk to have them weighed before filling.

    That weight is then deducted from the total weight of the item at the checkout counter. At Berkeley Bowl, empty containers are weighed at the Bulk Counter and then weighed again at the same counter when full before checking out.

    At Rainbow Grocery, customers weigh their own containers. And all the cotton bags that I use are printed with the tare weight on their tags. Concerned about cross contamination for people with allergies. Check out my post on avoiding gluten while still living plastic-free. Even if you live in an area that does not have bulk food stores, you can still buy non-perishable goods in large size packages, which will decrease the amount of plastic used overall.

    What are we worried about. Or is it that the produce will get dirty. At the grocery store, I put most produce directly into my cart and then into my reusable bag. If you do feel you want a separate bag for produce, cloth options are available. Some alternatives are Ambatalia, ECOBAGS, ChicoBag produce bags, or handmade bags from Etsy sellers. Check out this video of a woman who can make five reusable bags from one T-shirt. Wondering how to store your produce without plastic once you get it home.

    Check out this extensive list of ways to buy and store produce without plastic, or specifically buying and storing loose lettuce and leafy greens. Read more about farmers markets going plastic-free. I buy Spectrum vinegar which comes in a glass bottle.

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