Types of florida fossils

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    Personnel of the Division of Vertebrate Paleontology of the Florida Museum of Natural History will identify fossils that have been legally collected or purchased.

    To aid our identifications, tell us where the specimen was found, to the best of your knowledge. Our greatest expertise lies with specimens from Florida and the rest of the Southeast, and from the Caribbean region.

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    We recommend you look elsewhere for help with specimens from outside of these regions. There are no naturally occuring fossils of dinosaurs in the state. The nearest dinosaur fossils have been found in central western Georgia and central Alabama. We are happy to provide this service to the public.

    Paleontology in Florida

    For large collections more than 10 specimenswe ask that you make a voluntary contribution, to offset the time involved, to the VP Research Fund in the UF Foundation.

    It supports field work to collect fossils throughout Florida. More Info. There are three basic methods we prefer: Electronic Images. Please include a ruler or some other indication of scale in the image. Take pictures of more than one side of the specimen. Bring the Specimens to Dickinson Hall.

    Those in the Gainesville area can bring their specimens directly to us. You will need a temporary permit to park on-campus. We recommend that you call or e-mail us and make an appointment, as sometimes all our personnel are out in the field or otherwise unavailable. Our phone number is When reaching Dickinson Hall, go in the front doors and ask the receptionist to page us.

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    Available hours are M-F, Mailing Specimens. Mail or ship specimens to: Div. Pack fossils as you would fragile china. We recommend wrapping each specimen individually in bubble-wrap or soft paper, placing them inside a padded box, then put the boxes with specimens in a larger, sturdy box cushioned with packing material.

    Make sure to include a return address and phone number within the package. We are NOT responsible for damage done in transit both to and from the museum.Unlike the fossils of the American Northwest, few Florida fossils are encased in rock. They are more likely to be found lying loose on the beach or among the gravel of a small stream.

    You can hunt for fossils by yourself, or take a professionally guided trip. Page through the publication Fossil Mammals of Florida pdfyou will be amazed at the variety of mammals that were walking around in Florida justyears ago. You are much less likely to be that lucky today but one can still find smaller teeth, bones and the occasional whale vertebrae in these and other waterways. Different types of limestone are found in different parts of the state.

    types of florida fossils

    Limestone in the Florida Keys consists mainly of fossilized corals. A few miles further south, the beach at Washington Gardens is covered with coquina rocks.

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    Fossil shark teeth are also fairly easy to find in streams and rivers, and enormous numbers of them turn up on the beaches of southwestern Florida. Part of the reason these teeth are so abundant is that sharks shed and replace tens of thousands of teeth in their lifetime — one shark might produce and loose 20, teeth in 30 years. Look for them in rivers and creeks especially after a heavy rain. The rainwater carves new deposits from the banks and deposits the fossils on gravel bars and shallow pebbly areas on the creek bed.

    Look for something dark and shiny, especially in places where the creek bends. If you are really lucky you might find a 6-inch tooth from a 60 foot-long Megalodon shark. Megalodon sharks disappeared about 2 million years ago, but their huge fossil teeth are still found in Florida, in the streams and rivers around Gainesville and along the Peace River and its tributaries.

    Collecting Fossils in Florida.

    Welcome to Prehistoric Florida

    In Gainesvilleyou can find fossil sharks teeth by sifting through the sand of the small creeks that run through the city. Hogtown Creek and Possum creek are popular sites, especially where they cross 8th Avenue. Look on gravel bars at bends in the creek or in pebbly areas. Jacksonville Beach.

    types of florida fossils

    Major Atlantic storms regularly turn up fossilized tiger shark teeth, as well as the fossilized bones of horses and giant ground sloths. Venice Beach. Just offshore from Venice beach is a Pleistocene boneyard, a huge deposit of fossil bones and teeth from ancient mammals and giant sharks.

    Wave action and storms constantly wash shark teeth and other fossils out of the sands and onto the shore. The adventurous can rent scuba gear and dive down to the deposit to get first pick — or, you can snorkel parallel to the shore about ten feet from the edge of the water and look for fossils on the bottom. Look for small and large black shiny objects, or take a strong colander and sift through the sand. The third option, for non-swimmers, is to simply keep your eyes open while walking on the beach near the waterline.Fossil dugongs are the most common mammal fossils found in Floridaand of the several known species, Metaxytherium floridanum is probably the most abundant.

    Metaxytherium floridanum is known only from Central and Northern Florida. Fossil dugongs are the most common mammalian fossils found in Florida Hulbert,and of the several known species, Metaxytherium floridanum is probably the most abundant Domning, Its dense and massive ribs are the most typical remains, usually found in pieces ranging from 1 to 4 inches cm in length.

    They can be recognized by their rounded shape and layered structure in cross section Fig. After rib fragments, the most frequently found fossils are relatively dense portions of the vertebrae and the skull cap: the dorsal surface of the skull formed from the parietal and exoccipital bones.

    Several complete skeletons of Metaxytherium floridanum have been found, most in the phosphate mines of Polk County, but also an exquisite skeleton was found in the bank of a creek near Gainesville High School in Alachua County Fig. From these skeletons it can be estimated that Metaxytherium floridanum was about 3 to 3. Hay named the species Metaxytherium floridanum from a partial maxilla with an upper third molar USNM collected in a Polk County phophate mine. Domning considered it the senior synonym of Felsinotherium ossivallense which was named by Simpson from the same area.

    The species is characterized by a deflected rostrum probably adapted to bottom-feeding with very small and subconical tusks Domning, Aranda et al. Fossils of Metaxytherium floridanum are very common in middle and early late Miocene strata in the phosphate mines of both northern and central Florida Hamilton, Polk, Hardee, eastern Hillsborough counties. The other place in Florida where its fossils are common are the numerous creeks running through Gainesville Alachua County.

    The youngest records of the species are from late Miocene sites in Manatee County, Florida. It is not found in the late Hemphillian early Pliocene deposits of the Bone Valley Formation in the central phosphate mining region; instead two different species of dugongs are present in those beds, Nanosiren graciae and Corystosiren varguezi Domning, ; Domning and Aguilera, In most jaws only three teeth are present and functioning Fig.

    The premolars and molars of dugongids are all basically similar and cannot be used to distinguish different genera and species of similar size. Significant differences are instead found on the degree of deflection of the rostrum, the size and shape of the upper canine tusk, and the shape and thickness of the ridges on the skullcap.

    There are two competing hypotheses regarding the evolutionary origin of Metaxytherium floridanum Domning, The strong similarity between Metaxytherium floridanum and Metaxytherium medium known from the middle Miocene of Europe suggests possible cross-oceanic dispersal. Alternatively, Metaxytherium floridanum may have originated in North America from older, somewhat smaller species, such as Metaxytherium calvertense or Metaxytherium crataegensis. This hypothesis is simpler geographically, but implies parallel evolution of the rostra within the group Domning, In a phylogenetic analysis of the Dugongidae, Domning found evidence of parallel evolution by European Pliocene Metaxytherium and North Pacific hydrodamalines.

    This study also supported a New World origin for Metaxytherium because its nearest sister taxa CaribosirenCrenatosiren are New World in their distribution. MacFadden et al. They found that most individuals of Metaxytherium floridanum lived entirely in the ocean salt waterbut that a few lived at least part of the time in fresh water. Allen, G. Additional remains of the fossil dugong of Florida.

    Journal of Mammalogy 4 4 Domning, and L. A new middle Miocene sirenian of the genus Metaxytherium from Baja California and California: Relationships and paleobiogeographic implications. Berta and T. Demere eds. Contributions in marine mammal paleontology honoring Frank C.

    Domning, D. Fossil Sirenia of the West Atlantic and Caribbean region. Metaxytherium floridanum Hay. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Fossils are found in alternating beds of clay and calcareous sand, with occasional lenses or beds of limestone boulders. New species continue to be found and described. Discovery and excavation of important specimens of rare taxa also occur frequently.

    Scolecophidia, genus and species indet. Threskiornithidae, genus and species indet. Rallidae, genus and species indet.

    Fossils, Baby Gators, and Sour Oranges - Florida Fossil Hunting Episode 14

    Heliornithidae, genus and species indet. Charadriiformes family, genus and species indet. Cuculidae 3, genus and species indet. Strigiformes, family, genus and species indet. Caprimulgidae, genus and species indet. Coraciidae, genus and species indet.

    Momotidae, genus and species indet. Todidae, genus and species indet. Lybiidae 2 genera and species indet. Passeriformes 5 or more taxa, family, genus and species indet. The site was discovered by Clarence Simpson of the Florida Geological Survey inwho found fossils on the spoil pile of a well dug by Raeford Thomas.

    Florida Geological Survey crews excavated at the site until January The recovered specimens were sent to George G. Simpson, then of the American Museum of Natural History, who recognized their significance and quickly published the first scientific paper on the site in Museum of Comparative Zoology field crews led by Ted White conducted the first large scale excavations at Thomas Farm, and these continued until the early s.

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    Then the site was worked cooperatively until about by the University of Florida by Walter Auffenberg, Pierce Brodkorb, and Robert Bader of the Department of Biology; specimens curated in the Florida Museum of Natural History collection and the Florida Geological Survey led by the newly hired Stanley Olsen, who had previously worked at the site for Harvard. Auffenberg and Brodkorb were the first to intensively use screenwashing at this site, which proved to have a remarkably rich small vertebrate fauna.

    The next major phase of excavation began inwith field work led by then UF graduate student Ann Pratt. Pratt and co-workers established a permanent grid system and were the first to measure detailed locations and orientations for bones in the site Pratt, Many tons of sediment from the site were screenwashed to recover small vertebrate fossils and screens with smaller size mesh than before were used, resulting in recovery of even smaller specimens.O ver 1, different species of vertebrate animals are known to have lived in Florida over the past 35 million years.

    Florida has the richest fossil record of vertebrate animals of the eastern United States. This website is designed to provide basic information about each of these species, images of fossils in the Florida Museum collection, and citations to the primary scientific literature to provide a guide to those seeking further information. The intended audiences are students and educators, amateur and professional paleontologists, and any others interested in paleontology.

    When possible, the references will include links to online versions of the papers, although not all of them will have free open-access. An online glossary will provide definitions for technical terms. The book, The Fossil Vertebrates of Floridawill also be a good reference to those with little or no training in paleontology.

    This website will frequently use names of land mammal ages to describe the relative age of a fossil site or a species. View a complete description of land mammal ageshow they are used, and which ones are found in Florida. Floridaophis auffenbergi. Aepycamelus major cf. Alligator mississippiensis Aquila bivia Bufo defensor Dasypus bellus Siren lacertina Tapirus haysii Titanis walleri Xenosmilus hodsonae.

    Alligator mississippiensis Canis dirus Dasypus bellus Haliaeetus leucocephalus Siren lacertina Smilodon fatalis. Sponsorship and Funding Opportunities Funds are needed to hire advanced UF undergraduate and graduate students to write these accounts, take the images, and put them in proper format to post online. Individuals, families, and organizations who want to sponsor one or more species accounts should contact Richard Hulbert.

    Donations are tax deductible. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

    More Info. Aepycamelus major. Alligator mississippiensis. Alligator olseni. Amebelodon britti. Amphicyon longiramus. Aquila bivia. Archaeohippus blackbergi. Arctodus pristinus. Barbourofelis loveorum. Batrachosauroides dissimulans. Bufo defensor. Canis dirus. Ciconia maltha. Desmodus stocki. Didelphis virginiana. Enhydritherium terranovae.

    Epicyon haydeni. Eremotherium eomigrans. Floridatragulus dolicanthereus. Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Hemiauchenia macrocephala.This site is all about Fossils in Florida and More. What Treasures can be found here? No one place can give you so many facts, photos, and information about Florida's ancient past. Want to see Prehistoric Mammals? See pictures of unique specimens found while collecting or hunting here. How about Mastodons and Mammoths?

    types of florida fossils

    No Dinosaur bones are found here - Florida was underwater at the time they lived. But you can read about raptors, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and other Dinosaurs. Carcharodon Megalodon Sharks could get as big as a bus. Check out the animals of the Pleistocene or Ice Age. Learn about the early Miocene. We have a wealth of information for identification purposes.

    There are many animals similar to the La Brea Tar Pits here. Florida has an area called "Bone Valley" that produces wonderful specimens. Learn about the Cenozoic of Florida! The state has many of the Prehistoric Animals of North America.

    Venice Beach

    Fossil Spotlight:. Subscribe FREE here. Fossil Newsletter for Fossil-Treasures-of-Florida. Agatized Coral Fossils with facts and pictures. For millions of years ancient coral beds have been transformed to become Fossil Agatized Coral with spectacular colors and formations.

    One fossil coral species is Florida's State Stone. Prehistoric Bear Fossils with facts, Pictures and Information. Fossil Birds and Avian information.Advanced Search. We also carry a fine selection of fossil shark teeth from species such as megalodon, auriculatus, and mako.

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    Please take a step back with us to a time when herds of horses, camels, and mammoths wandered Florida's open plains and savannas while jaguars stalked tapir and peccary in our swamps and hardwoods. At the end of the last Ice Age, Florida's landscape was vastly different from what we see today.

    Florida's seemingly endless miles of rivers serve as a time machine which offers a glimpse into how life used to be in the Sunshine State.

    We boast of a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and a day, no questions asked return policy. However, the items listed on this site only represent a small percentage of what we have to offer. We have a wide network of fellow divers and we may be able to find what you are looking for.

    We have been actively selling fossils sinceand have been doing so full time since Over this time we have amassed thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. However, it is important to note that we are collectors first and dealers second.

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    We will never compromise our integrity or reputation in the name of making a dollar. Our purpose is to serve our customers and enhance their collections.

    We abide by our motto: " People are more important than rocks ". Top Quality 4.


    Types of florida fossils

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    Paleontology in Florida refers to paleontological research occurring within or conducted by people from the U. Florida has a very rich fossil record spanning from the Eocene to recent times. Florida fossils are often very well preserved. The oldest known fossils in Florida date back to the Eocene. At this time Florida was covered in a sea home to a variety of marine invertebrates and the primitive whales Basilosaurus and Pontogenous. During the later Miocene Florida was exposed as dry land again due to geologic uplift and mountain building.

    In the Florida Keyshowever, coral reefs were forming. The marine environments of Pliocene Florida were home to creatures like dugongsporpoisessharksand whales. On land, camelsdogshorsesrelatives of modern elephantssaber toothed catsand tapirs inhabited the state. The period of time best documented in the fossil record of Florida is the Pleistocene epoch. In fact, Florida is the best source of Pleistocene mammals in the world.

    Among them were short-faced bearssaber-toothed catsglyptodontsmammothsmastodonsgiant ground slothsand wolves. Florida has a very rich fossil record. The rock underlying Florida was originally part of Gondwana and did not become part of North America until the Permianwhen Pangaea formed.

    During the Cretaceous the Florida peninsula was much wider due to regions now submerged as continental shelf being exposed to the air. Later into the Cretaceous northern Florida was covered by rising seas connecting the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic. This passage of water was called the Suwannee Straits. A shallow sea grew to cover most of the state during the Tertiary.

    Clamsechinodermsand gastropods lived here. The oldest fossil-bearing geologic deposits in Florida are of Eocene age. Other inhabitants included large numbers of shelled invertebrates, sharksand sirenians.Fossilized coral agates like this beautiful specimen have been found throughout Florida.

    The variety of fossils in Florida is absolutely bewildering, ranging from prized shark teeth to gorgeous coral agates. If you decide to take a trip on your hunt for some of the good stuff, try some of the following areas and you might just come home with a new favorite piece for your collection.

    types of florida fossils

    Fossil hunters will commonly go scuba diving in search of the best shark teeth fossils. Shell Creek is another fantastic place to find fossils in Florida. There are plenty of interesting finds that have been made in this area, including the teeth of prehistoric horses, bone plates off of ancient alligators, and even the plates off of ancient Glypotherium which were a large armadillo-like creature. The bewildering variety of fossils is held just beneath the surface, and even an amateur will find themselves quickly dredging up a whole bunch of different types of fossils with only a simple classifier to sift through gravel.

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    Agatized coral is a pseudomorphic fossil which is actually the state stone of Florida. These four locations are great places to start your hunt for fossils in Florida.

    Just remember that nearly the entire state was once covered by the ocean, meaning that nearly anywhere has the potential of having some marine fossils. What more could a collector want?

    Rare Gold Nuggets. October 29, Recent PostsRockhounding. Florida is one of the best places on Earth to find shark tooth fossils. Search This Site by State or Topic :. Gold Mining Around the World! Most Popular Pages:. About Us. This websites also uses 'cookies' to give you the most relevant experience while browsing. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device.

    By using this site you consent to the use of these cookies by various third-party partners such as Google and other advertisers. Frontier Theme.Advanced Search. We also carry a fine selection of fossil shark teeth from species such as megalodon, auriculatus, and mako. Please take a step back with us to a time when herds of horses, camels, and mammoths wandered Florida's open plains and savannas while jaguars stalked tapir and peccary in our swamps and hardwoods.

    At the end of the last Ice Age, Florida's landscape was vastly different from what we see today. Florida's seemingly endless miles of rivers serve as a time machine which offers a glimpse into how life used to be in the Sunshine State. We boast of a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and a day, no questions asked return policy.

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    However, the items listed on this site only represent a small percentage of what we have to offer. We have a wide network of fellow divers and we may be able to find what you are looking for. We have been actively selling fossils sinceand have been doing so full time since Over this time we have amassed thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

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    However, it is important to note that we are collectors first and dealers second. We will never compromise our integrity or reputation in the name of making a dollar.

    Our purpose is to serve our customers and enhance their collections. We abide by our motto: " People are more important than rocks ".Snaggletooth Shark Teeth S. Seavey Ray pavement tooth plate connected R. Seavey Shark Teeth S. Seavey Horse tooth R. Seavey Whale inner ear bone Tympanic Bulla R.

    Welcome to Prehistoric Florida

    Seavey Alligator osteoderm Bony armor plate off the Alligator's back R. Seavey Deer antler R. Seavey Sting ray dermal plate R. Seavey Sting ray barb R. Seavey Unknown. Seavey R. If you notice any errors in fossil identification, please contact me.

    He's hunting in the rivers on nearly a daily basis and enjoys company. For answers, see Tools for Fossil Hunting in Rivers. Land fossils commonly found include horse, glyptodont, alligator, bird, turtle, snake, deeretc. There are two reasons that marine and land fossils are found in the Peace River. First, this part of Florida experienced numerous cycles of being land versus being submerged in sea water.

    The purpose of the permit is not only to manage this non-renewable part of Florida's heritage, but to help paleontologists learn more about the range and distribution of the state's fossil animals. So, please do it! To apply or renew a permit click here. This museum also offers Fossil Identification Services and a wealth of other resources such as info on fossil clubs, scientific publications and databases. Please consider sending images of important finds to the Florida museum address on fossil ID page and possibly donate important finds.

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    List of State Fossils

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    types of florida fossils

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    types of florida fossils
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