Wingnut wings lancaster review

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    The Avro Lancaster -page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic scale modeling projects dedicated to this aircraft.

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    Newsfeed Kits Paints Books Magazines New tool. New parts. Previewed on imodeler. Wishlist mates. Stash 1 mates. Started 0 mates Nobody. Completed 1x. Actions Stash. Model Monkey Cookie New tool. War Birds. Insignia Mask. Actions Info. NovemberShare. Martin Oostrom Now that's a build I want to see! OctoberShare. View full thread 19 Comments. Spanjaard ha ha ha. Gluefinger Martin Oostrom: Correct again.

    We're only in it for the glue fumes.

    wingnut wings lancaster review

    If we weren't we would all be buildung Artesania Latina wood models with white glue which, BTW, would not require sanding to remove.Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today. Comparisons with the WnW offering will be inevitable. Based on its very own merits, the HK Models Lancaster is a vwry impresaive and well-engineered product which just ask to be built.

    Jeff Bailey said on November 12, Leonard A.

    Avro Lancaster B Mk.I 1/32 kit Review – HK Models #01E010

    Page III said on January 12, David Mills said on November 12, Not sure about those pointed propellor blades though I see there are the rounded alternative blades offered also for very early versions? Conversion kit available for the Dambuster version also.

    Price will be interesting. WnW were at pains to play down the likely cost of their Lanc when we spoke with them. They will not be cheap though.

    Editor said on November 12, Two different types of propellers are provided in the kit. The narrow-chord needle type was indeed a feature of the initial production Lancs, later to be replaced by the more efficient broad-chord props. Tom Cleaver said on November 13, III — the only way of telling the two apart other than serial number.

    Stephen W Towle said on November 12, What I find interesting about both kits is the way the cockpit sections have been designed. Like the real thing the forward fuselage could be separated from the remainder of the aircraft near the leading edge wing. Its been written that when the bombers where brought in for maintenance the fuselage sections were taken apart and often they were matched with either new sections or fuselage sections from other bombers.

    William Alvin Hillocks said on November 18, Like many other I have been waiting for this kit for the last five years when it was first announced or maybe earlier. I think HK products are very good indeed but the length of time in development whilst other lesser subjects have been produced is an irritant.

    When any kit manufacturer announces their intentions they immediately create an expectation that a kit should be available with a reasonable period. Wingnut seem to have been beavering away quietly in the background and are well down the road of being able to deliver late next year.

    I do look forward to receiving the HK Lancaster buy I suspect any more delay and anyone who is not deterred by the possible price of the Wingnut offering will forego the HK kit and wait a little longer especially as the Dambuster will be on offer. Randy said on February 20, Excessively large models with equally excess price tags prevents most modellers from enjoying this aspect of the hobby.

    Editor said on February 20, You may have a point, I for one would never be able to figure out where to display a finished model — or how to find the desk space to build it. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site and web app uses cookies. More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in:. Sign up Forgot password?Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today.

    Julian Shawyer. Pedro L. Rocha said on May 31, It looks just nothing short of amazing. James B Robinson said on May 31, Julian Shawyer said on May 31, It could be because of price, or one was judged to be a better model.

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    Tom Cleaver said on May 31, The H-K Dam Buster is out now. I have a review copy and it is very nice. James B Robinson said on June 2, Thanks for the input guys.

    wingnut wings lancaster review

    Although I am very far from being able to tackle something of this magnitude currently, I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on getting one or the other depending upon reviews.

    Josh Patterson said on June 1, WNW simply because of their replication of the stressed skin. That alone makes the decision easy for me even if it is harder on the wallet. I have seen someone on the internet show how to do this quilted look but Wingnut just makes it easy for you! David A. Thomas said on May 31, Hopefully, if I retire next year, I will have more spare time to spend on my hobby.

    But I get it. Please accept my sincere apologies. Louis Gardner said on June 1, Thanks for sharing this with us. It looks to be a very impressive model. I sincerely hope that both of you guys davidathomas. Julian Shawyer said on June 1, Jeff Bailey said on June 1, That looks like a real challenge to build.

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.III "Dambusters"

    Not to mention challenging to find space to keep a completed one! But the result would be awesome! Ross Paton said on July 20, You must be logged in to post a comment. This site and web app uses cookies.

    More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in:.

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    Sign up Forgot password? Log in. Menu Toggle navigation. Julian Shawyer View blog View profile.Only couple of years ago nobody dared to ask for such a huge kit. Not in their wildest dreams. Even in 48 th scale Lancaster is big and it needs roomwhich is rare commodity even in the largest scale modeling collections. But things changed and slowly, large scale planes came into the spotlight, quite often jumping from 72 nd scale directly into 32 nd or 24 th.

    Apparently there was a hidden demand for those. Now, Airfix offer Typhoon in 24 th scale and are about to hit us with a Hellcat in that scale too. Hobby Boss released the Liberatorwhich is to be available in J and D options.

    Large scale planes market is flourishing. With that strong demand for 32 nd and larger scale kits, it was obvious that Lancaster will appear at some pointdespite its size.

    And the news appeared swiftly and took us by storm. Both HK Models and Wingnut Wings announced their perspective of the Lancaster bomber, both in 32 nd scale and both very detailed and promising.

    It is expensive, but it is surprisingly good and gives a wonderful basis for further improvement. It will probably be inferior to Wingnut Wings option, but aside from the comparison it look really nice. The box is as huge as one might expect.

    Another advantage is the fact that the box of the Lancaster features light lid, which is easily removable. HK Models box is glossy in appearance, with beautiful boxart, depicting a night bombing run with somewhat intense background. The kit reviewed here was part of the initial series, featuring bonus parts and there is a sticker on the bottom left stating that additional clear parts are included.

    Inside you can find another sticker about it. You get one or the other.

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    Some boxes features both stickers. The bonus parts are transparent sections allowing for displaying the interior features of the kit. It is a good idea since there is a lot to be shown in this scale and with this particular plane.

    wingnut wings lancaster review

    Besides, tons of improvements can be added, mostly scratch built parts, which will really make the kit shine. Especially with those bonus clears. If you get the standard release, you should cut through the plastic in order to display the interior.

    So you might want to hurry. Again, comparing this to the Liberatorprobably this is the major advantage of the Lancaster over HB kit.HyperScale is proudly supported by Squadron.

    Wingnut Wings has sent the following information about their next kit releases:. We are pleased to announce that our next two releases are now available for pre-order from shop. They should also be available from your regular preferred Wingnut Wings supplier. The Halberstadt Cl. II was a highly successful escort fighter and infantry support aircraft that entered German service from late July It was very well regarded for its good visibility, climb rate, maneuverability, stability and ease of internal communication afforded by the close nature of the pilot and gunner.

    Early production aircraft had the main gun mounted to the left of the engine while late production aircraft had it mounted to the right. Halberstadt Cl. II were initially tasked with escorting traditional two-seat reconnaissance and artillery spotting aircraft, often being assigned to a specialised Schutzstaffel Protection Squadron which were renamed Schlachtstaffel Battle Squadron following their transition to infantry support from March until the Armistice.

    Optional Daimler-Mercedes hp D. III, hp D. IIIa or hp D. Wingnut Wings will be attending Scale Model World for the first time and we look forward to meeting those of you who are attending at our trade stand in hall 3. Also recently announced was our new Avro Lancaster models which are expected to be released late in More than eight years of research, design and tooling has gone into these models… so far! Features include realistic surface detail with stressed skin effect, overlapping panels and raised rivets.

    WWII era fabric covered elevators. Removable outer wing sections to help with display space. In any case, wire frame CGI movie models are completely unsuitable for creating scale model kitsets.

    wingnut wings lancaster review

    Price is still to be confirmed, but we are doing what we can to keep it as low as possible and hope it will only be slightly more than Felixstowe F. II mentioned above. Thanks to Wingnut Wings for the images and information. Back to HyperScale Main Page. Item No. Optional radio, generator, rudders, propellers and armament. Optional radio, generator, gun rings, propellers and armament.So, this is apparently true, and all-new as well.

    I have been to hobby shows where sample kit boxes were on display yet the model never appeared on the market. My opinion of WnW and Peter Jackson just dropped into a cesspool. What a low life move. Very childish. I agree. Could be very bad news for HK. I'm sorry, what now? Who's to know that this was not in development before HK made their announcement? This is craziness! I can't imagine they just whipped this up out of the blue to rain on HK's parade.

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    With this being then I guess that means the other version is probably I have contacted Dave WNW, he can confirm that over 8 years of research, design and tooling have gone into this model You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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    It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Posted September 28, More details to follow after the show. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Shut up and take my money!!!! Bad news for HK though Posted September 28, edited. I'll believe it when I see it. How can I say that?The protracted gestation period for the HK Models Lancaster kit has been a source of frustration for LSP modellers since the kit was first announced some years back.

    We're pleased to say that the kit has finally been released as a B Mk I variant, so let's take a look at what you get in the box. The first thing to note is that our review sample is one of the initial batch examples, I believe that comes with a duplicated set of fuselage parts in clear plastic.

    This is denoted on the box with an additional sticker:. To say that this is a massive kit is an exercise in understatement. It comes in a box that appears to be the same size as the one used for the company's B series, and purports to contain parts. The dimensions of the finished model are given as mm for the wingspan, and mm for the fuselage length.

    We're talking about a very large, very detailed kit here! All the sprues are packaged in groups inside resealable plastic bags for maximum protection. Many of the larger parts and sprues are housed in individual bags where appropriate.

    Wingnut Wings scale model kits - are they really that good?

    Note that the contrast has been increased in many of the photos below to better show the moulded-in details, which can make the colours look a little odd, unfortunately. Their physical layout has been simplified, but will likely be difficult to see on the finished model in any case. The bomb bay roof is nicely detailed, but features a surprising number of ejector pin marks.

    Being raised, these should be easy enough to remove with suitable modelling chisels. They should also be difficult if not impossible to see once a full bomb load is installed:.

    These will be more difficult to remove than those on the bomb bay roof, but certainly not impossible. By contrast, the bomb bay doors feature very slight indented ejector pin marks:.

    Wingnut Wings Scale Modelling Aircraft Finished Reviews

    These are quite shallow, and shouldn't take much effort to eradicate. Still, it's unfortunate that this kit has so many ejector pin marks in visible areas, and while not show-stoppers, they will require additional time and effort to deal with. I believe they're only applicable to late-build Lancasters. Not so expected, however, is that HK Models has moulded the upper and lower main wing sections as single pieces:.

    There is still a seam line to clean up where the upper and lower halves meet, but it's still an impressive piece of mould engineering. The company did similarly with its Mosquito releases, but these wing parts are substantially larger than those. There's a corresponding lip moulded into the ends of the main wing sections to mount the tips securely:. Surface detail is typical of a modern kit release, featuring very fine recessed panel lines and rivets:.

    Much like the company's previous 4-engine heavy bomber release, the B, this kit has the fuselage moulded in four parts, with separate main and nose sections.

    Wingnut Wings | 32607: 1/32 Sopwith Triplane "Raymond Collishaw"

    The interior has a full complement of rib and stringer detail along its entire length, and unlike other areas of the kit, is blissfully free of those annoying ejector pin marks:. The fuselage parts do, however, feature a plethora of injector gate attachment sprues along their respective mating surfaces:. The aim here is clearly to shift any damage done in the process of removing the attachment points from a visible, detail-filled surface, to an invisible one.

    This is commendable, but with so many of them present, care will still need to be taken to ensure that the mating surfaces aren't unduly distorted or damaged during the removal process.


    Wingnut wings lancaster review

    I decided at the outset to remove myself from the somewhat typical and lengthy description of the Sopwith Triplane technical development and operational history, as that information is readily available from a variety of other sources.

    While clearly not a new kit, as such first available somewhere aroundI believeI just finally got my hands on one, so thought that I'd provide a look-see as to what's in the box. This kit represents one of the many special boxings of a previous Wingut Wings kit, and therefore has some features unique to this particular machine.

    Since this is more of an in-box review than a build review, I have no photos of assembled sub-structures, so this look should be considered more of an overview of the various areas I thought might be of interest. As is all too typical of virtually all Wingut Wings kits that I've now been exposed to, detail is crisp and delicate, with wonderful attention being made to the very subtle fabric effects on the fuselage in particular, and miscellaneous details in general.

    Instructions are depicted in a sort of typical Wingnut Wings pictographic way, making assembly a rather straightforward process, including rigging diagrams where and as needed. Decals appear to be in register, quite opaque, with good coloring, well detailed and also include plenty of stenciling, mostly in the form of logos, data plates and whatnot.

    There are also cockpit instrumentation decals, as well as tire logo stencils, making for a very comprehensive package of markings.

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    Printed by Cartograf of Italy, they're sure to work great, if one chooses to go with this particular machine I may or may not. Just an overview of the complete parts sprues from the kit, pretty much self explanatory, really.

    Now that I have the kit "in hand", I can say that the surface detailing not that I ever had any doubtsis very delicate and refined.

    The stressed fabric on the forward fuselage sides is really quite nicely done, a hallmark that I've now come to expect from Wingut Wings. To my way of thinking, the wings are the items that really make this kit stand out from the rest. Detailing, especially when one looks into the area of the inspection windows at the aileron control pulleys and cables, is really quite breathtaking.

    Wing rib tapes and ever so subtle rib shapes are a beauty to behold, and will undoubtedly help to enhance the otherwise rather drab scheme s so common to these aircraft. Yet another area of the kit that deserves some doting on, in my opinion, are the really wonderful moldings in the vicinity of the 'pit. Some very delicate stuff going on here, quite in line with what I've now come to expect from the good folks at Wingut Wings.

    Again, only one version is to be used on this version, that being the one for the twin Vickers MG set-up. Speaking of the Vickers machine guns, the two provided examples are excellently portrayed, and will really look the part, once finished. These guns are about as good as we're likely to ever see in injection molded plastic, and, in my opinion, need not be replaced.

    Not a lot to be said here, save for the notion that if one takes his time, the cockpit has the potential to be built into an outstanding representation right out of the box. The Engine is another area that seems to be very well detailed, incredible really, as the photos readily attest. The push rods are just amazingly delicate, are offset at the crankcase as they should be as well as featuring molded in lifters mechanical or hydraulic, I don't really know which, probably mechanical thoughand rounded tips where the pushrods interface with the rocker arms.

    WNW has even gone to the extreme here by also molding in individual spark plugs, which is a real hoot. Two different propellers are offered, but again, only one is used.

    The engine, much of which will be readily visible on the finished model, should look a real treat once carefully painted. Bear in mind that the engine sprue is a somewhat generic Clerget sprue, which was also used in some other applications, so only one pushrod assembly is used on this machine; proof that Wingut Wings were definitely planning ahead when these components were originally designed.

    HK Models | 01E010: 1/32 Lancaster B Mk I

    This is a recurring theme with this kit with one frame being specifically labeled Sopwith Pupmuch in the same way the various Fokker D. VII boxings were done. All clear parts are just that, crystal clear, and look just great.

    Several items are offered, such as inspection windows for the aileron control cables and pulleys, and some items are not used at all. One standing pilot figure Collishaw is included.

    Fiocchi 223 55 grain polymer tip review

    Sculpted by well known sculptor Mike Good, this resin figure is certainly one of the highlights of this particular boxing, and is very nicely done indeed. Whether or not I can actually do this pilot figure justice probably notit's still a real nice option to have. The figure is molded in a white resin, so was somewhat awkward to photograph, but I believe I still caught the essence of it. One P.Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today.

    This is a mix of 3D CAD images and photos of test shot sprues. The Wingnut Wings kit no. Tom Bebout said on November 26, Jim Harley said on November 26, I could never justify the cost or the display area…but my gawd is that beautiful…talk about setting the bar. Paul Barber said on November 27, We are all waiting for that Triplane Jim!

    Josh Patterson said on November 26, Oh be still my beating heart, they quilted the skin for us! I have seen photos of one modeler on the internet that did this to his riveted skins and the effect is stunning. I forgot his name, but the model I recall was a Corsair. This is now on my build list, but for my cousin. She requested that I build her a Lancaster as a wedding gift and a Cub for her husband.

    Stephen W Towle said on November 27, Obviously, Sir Peter loves this aircraft and has spared no expense in getting the details. Once the Damn Busters comes out you can follow along with the movie while holding your own Lancaster in front of the 72 inch flat screen.

    Holding formation while coming in low towards the Ruhr Valley at tree top level…. Of course you would have to abstain from buying models for 3 years. Made up for, by building all of those kits that go inside of kits…to make a kit. Rob Pollock said on November 27, As an individual modeller, it would be difficult indeed to justify the expense as a hobby purchase, and then, well, what would you do with it after?

    We can all nod sagely at skin stress and hundreds of tiny elements hidden away in the fuselage, but really? Johannes Gerl said on November 27, Who of us will be willing and able to do a 5. Josh Patterson said on November 27, Some outdoor twilight shots with a little use of the smoke machine and a few strategically placed scale spotlights to highlight the stressed skin! Leslii said on November 27, You can come up with all of the ridiculous reasons to criticize it you want aimed at researchers not modelers, and takes up too much space at shows — seriously?

    Mine was a simple observation about priorities, with the view that most modellers are hobbyists with families, etc. Mervyn Cook said on November 27, I think they need to make it as different as possible from the hk kit. A Rose turret with twin.

    You must be logged in to post a comment. This site and web app uses cookies. More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in:.Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today.

    Also covered on video here:. This is a partially built model constructed out of the early test-shot sprues. The actual product will appear only inand it is likely to become the most expensive WnW kit to date, meaning a street price in excess of USD. David Mills said on November 10, Dmitry Stropalov said on November 10, The dawn of a stressed skin era.

    Jirka Kuchynka said on November 10, Rob Pollock said on November 10, David A. Thomas said on November 10, George Johnson said on November 10, Cubas said on November 10, Andrew Alexander said on November 11, David Hansen said on November 11, You must be logged in to post a comment. This site and web app uses cookies. More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in:.

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    wingnut wings lancaster review

    Editor View blog View profile. Separate canopy framing 2. Stressed skin surface. Exhaust shrouds, note the air slot 2. Carburettor intake guards are provided as separate parts.

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    Piot seat with nicely draped harness 2. Detailed internal canopy framing 3. This is the best shot of the upper wing surface, showing the subtle stressed skin effect to advantage. This is impressive! Side windows typical for a Mk.

    I Lancaster 2. Top turret faired over for the Dambuster version.Junkers D. Reviewed by James Hatch. The Junkers D. I factory designation J 9 was a monoplane fighter aircraft produced in Germany late in World War I, significant for becoming the first all-metal fighter to enter service.

    The prototype, a private venture by Junkers designated the J 7, first flew on 17 Septembergoing through nearly a half-dozen detail changes in its design during its tests. When it was demonstrated to the Idflieg early the following year it proved impressive enough to result in an order for three additional aircraft for trials. However, the changes made by Junkers were significant enough for the firm to re-designate the next example the J 9, which was supplied to the Idflieg instead of the three J 7s ordered.

    During tests, the J 9 lacked the manoeuvrability necessary for a front-line fighter, but was judged fit for a naval fighter, and a batch of 12 was ordered. These were supplied to a naval unit by Septemberwhich then redeployed to the Eastern Front after the Armistice. Several replicas have been built, including one on display at the Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow.

    Extract from Wikipedia. It seems such a long time since the last Wingnut Wings release, but it was only 5 months ago when the Sopwith Dolphin was put on sale in time for Christmas. V release, and exactly a year ago, the quintet of Sopwith Camel kits. Thankfully, a few were set aside for review samples, and today we have one here to paw over and investigate. This image shows a pretty much full-on side profile of the diminutive looking all-metal fighter aircraft.

    This particular angle does lend itself to ask where the upper wing is! This was probably as close to state of the art for the time, being a monoplane with ailerons and no wing-warping system…which would have been pretty difficult on a corrugated metal and steel tube wing.

    Profiles of all FIVE schemes are shown on the box sides. Inside the box, four light grey sprues are supplied in separate clear bags. No clear sprue this time! A single photo-etch fret is packed along with the Cartograf-printed decal sheet.

    The package is completed with the addition of a page A4 instruction manual. Wingnut Wings spiel for this kit reads as follows:. Optional fuselage spine corrugations, foot steps, propellers, Daimler-Mercedes hp D. No interplane struts and almost no rigging makes this model the perfect introduction to First World War aircraft modelling. As is the norm with Wingnuts kits, this sprue contains the majority of detail parts, with the exception of the engine itself. As with Hawker fighter aircraft of a generation further on, the Junkers D.

    Work starts, predictably, on that cockpit, with a centre section that is built upon a central arrangement of sheet metal and various angled tubes. This part is moulded as a single piece in what can only be described as superb engineering on the part of WNW. Onto this fits a firewall with corrugated details and fuel gauges. This also incorporates the ammunition magazines and empty belt box.

    With this section complete, it is then fitted to a lower fuselage that includes the lower cowl section before the rudder pedal and control column unit are installed. Our pilot is then to be sandwiched in between the square-section cockpit side frames, with more corrugated detail and places for a grease pump, fuel tank pressurising pump and spark advance lever to be fitted.

    These details, as with the frames, are superb. Very impressive. The little things mean a lot.Forgot your password? By GrunhertzSeptember 28, in Industry News. Interesting departure for WNW. I'd love one, but my bank balance and house are both a tad small.

    All's fair in love and war. By all accounts WnW have had this project in the pipeline for a long time. I'd expect very severe pointy footware to posterior contact from Mrs M if I sauntered in with this beauty tucked casually "under arm" I'm afraid. I reckon it's up to Black Mike Duncan to build us a "testing the stock" model However, the good news is I know how you can fund your own purchase of the kit. Video Mrs Miggers giving you a punt up the derrier with said pointy shoes and post it on Youtube, video goes viral and the cash flows in, job done!

    We'd all watch it. This could prove to become a reoccuring theme. Think about it; Miggers posts said video of Mrs. Miggers spots the box and Miggers gets another hoofing, more money, more kits, more hoofing A mix of test shot and CAD renders.

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    It looks extraordinary, but I'll hazard a guess and say that the RRP will probably make the HK kit look very affordable. It does look the business, and I'm sure it'll sell but not to me it's just too big i haven't the room for the mosquito let alone that thing. If half that detail makes it from the CAD to the plastic it'll be an impressive beastie. I can't wait to see one in the flesh.

    That was my first impression. The way the images have been lit seems to be emphasising the surface textures, which is not helping. If the effect is derived from a LIDAR scan it goes some way to show that for a model it might be necessary to dial it down a bit.

    I remember reading a discourse by the guy who used to design Tamiya cars, he went to some length to explain that when designing a model some features on the original might need to be toned down in scale, whilst others given more emphasis.

    Wingnut Wings.. What is all the fuss about??

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    wingnut wings lancaster review

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    wingnut wings lancaster review

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